Oct 2007

With the RAIN

I ran towards the kitchen, covered with smoke,

Meddling with spoons and beating the flour

Soon did I drop, a careless one,

Annoying my mother, yelling out at me.

She took me away, my old-faced grandma,

And reminded her daughter, that I am little

Alight and safe at her experienced hips,

She kissed me dear while holding me near.

Onto the verandah, overlooking the plains,

She sat on the floor, leaning on the pillar

Singing to me an old, soothening hymn,

Patting me soft, with love and care.

The day was old and about to end,

Not that late, but the clouds made it so

Dark and heavy as they prepared to fall,

A blanket of shade hiding the sun.

Sitting on her laps, I gazed onto the road,

Watching the crowd, speeding their ways

The drops were light, as it began to fall,

Softening the earth as an icing, on the cake.

The rain grew on, as time went by,

Inventing the stream and the gushing marsh

Washing away the weakly held silt,

Towards the husk, stubborn and deep.

I watched the drops, pounding on the stream,

Spillling the air, with overflowing mist

Plantain leaves waving, as the wind blew hard,

The trees kept swaying, happiness galore.

I watched the tall co-co-nut trees,

Dancing with its neck, roots held firm

Onto its branch, a crow did rest,

Fluffing its feathers, letting off the rain.

I watched the cock, beside the bush,

Wet with rain and dripping through its tail

With drooping head and eyelids closed,

He prayed for the sun to wake up and shine.

I watched the dog, far at the gate,

Safe on the shelter, overlooking the road

Maybe with respect, she held her gaze,

Trembling, silent, breating and still.

I watched the tiles, oozing with wet,

Drops of shine one after the other

Fighting with gravity onto the pool,

Making for more, following the stride.

I watched the lady, treading the road,

Loaded with palm-leaves and unspoiled clothes

Along she sped, to her awaiting home,

Perhaps more wet, oily and sweat.

I watched the flies, flirting the tubelight,

Holding its feathers, for their lifes’ too short

Some did fall, the others more strong,

Clinging to life within the lizards reach.

I watched the rain drizzling the earth,

Now relaxed and calm, perhaps more tired

The clouds were pale and sky so grey,

Tired and yawning, I stretched on, in her laps.

A lass next door, walked gentle and soft,

Towards the temple, maybe to the shop

Her hair was wet, with a recent bath,

And feet so fair, as a lotus bloom.

Time grew old, as my eyes go closed,

Her hands of caress, still tireless and strong

Her music didn’t stop and took me to sleep,

Cold was the rain and warm – her laps.

Kavitha by : Mahesh
Email : maheshknair@mailcity.com

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