Oct 2007


I remember the day

when you saw me in real

Never did I knew that

you didn’t mind, to see my love

bloom, under the setting sun.

I wasn’t taught to be normal that way

For we shared the same roots and

ate the same food

Little did I realise

that day of my life

was so much to make me

think and feel your presence near.

Everyday that I remain alone

thinking of the time that we had shared

to be in your hands and in your caress

Feeling my life, overflow with passion.

A sense of longing shadows my soul

and keeps my heart ache for more.

You were gentle, smooth and silky

just as the river wading over the silt

Your touch was light as a soothening dream

and kiss, so sweet as a dampening mist.

My eyes closed, in you, as I dreamt no more

for I never did have a better one.

I remember you say

that you never can be mine

and well do I realise

that you are yours

and never can be mine.

The thoughts we shared and

the games we had played

does remain until we part this world.

Being the one that blossoms in dreams

its virtue measured in truth and love.

One day, someone would knock my door

and me to welcome my life’s aboard

I would be taught the lessons again

Never the same and never the old dreams,

I might lie under another life

To make my self towards another being

When I cherish the painful quiver

And find my weakness dragging me to sleep

I would dream an another you

Lifting me up towards the stars

Caressing my soul with your tiny heart

And to say that we were made to know each other.

Little more could I, ever be known

Just as you had, no one would ever

Thats all I need, to be yours

In life, in dreams and in everlasting love.

Kavitha by : Mahesh
Email : maheshknair@mailcity.com

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