Oct 2007


We were walking along the grass,

Holding our hands, gently and soft

Listening to the wind and the little birds

the drizzling rain and breathing sand.

Dancing to the melody as we walked

too old to show the feeling of our hearts

Yet in our looks we shared our lives

In words of mind we talked about us.

I felt safe in my dearest hands,

Holding my fingers with gentle ease

Looking at him in every other stride

He cared for me in every step.

I am thankful, for having him near

To share my life of love and care,

He watches my looks and says to me

That I am the queen of beauty and love.

Talented and charming, he calls me, near

Again to say that I am his dear

Everytime, I see him near

My pride for him keeps me dear.

I have lived so far never to say,

That he was charming and beautiful at heart

Although I know that he was mine

I dare not say, lest, make him proud.

Posessive and hard, I am always his,

For life’s eternal quest, for freedom,

Until I lay my head to rest

Please my dear, stay alive for me.

Kavitha by : Mahesh
Email : maheshknair@mailcity.com

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