Renouncing the pain of carrying history for so long “silence” breaks its head to a person who lends her a willing ear.

She speaks out unabashed and fearless and dies off on the way yielding to the same old burden…

I listened to the silence

And heard its song, of sadness,

With a yelling mouth she shouted at me

And asked me Why and Where to be.

She cried with a whisper

And told me her story

I was born, she said, as a virgin

And live as a whore, witches delight!

In its childhood she was cute

No evil hid on the frontier walls

She breezed in with freedom

To regions unknown, unexplored…

Singing the song of sacredness and joy,

Her days were young and fresh, with divine blood

Forgotten those verses, as today she lay,

Lamenting for time dead and away.

Her heart was pounding in an unknown way,

In sync with a rhythm no world hath sung

I listened to her, emotionless and blank

Until she slept, exhausted and tired.

Kavitha by : Mahesh
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