At the launch of the new Quad Core AMD Opteron™ processor at Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC) today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) and Lucasfilm announced an expansion of the companies’ relationship focused on building the world’s most advanced and energy-efficient datacenters for producing digital arts and entertainment. Lucasfilm’s global operations at the LDAC and […]

Delivering a multi-core triple threat, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the addition of AMD Phenom™ triple-core processors to its desktop roadmap. AMD Phenom triple-core processors, expected to be the world’s first PC processors to integrate three computational cores on a single die of silicon, can help deliver the visual experience, performance and multitasking capabilities of […]

SAN FRANCISCO–Intel will begin building flash-memory drives into servers in 2008, starting with 32GB models that the company promises will boost system performance. Flash drives can perform 10 to 50 times as many input-output transactions per second as conventional magnetic hard drives, said Pat Gelsinger, general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group, in a speech […]

CHIBA, Japan–BiCS. It’s the acronym that could extend Moore’s Law. BiCS, which stands for Bit Cost Memory, is a three-dimensional flash memory chip developed by Toshiba in which transistors can be stacked vertically. Stacking vertically, ideally, will allow engineers to continue to add more transistors to a chip at a steady pace, which in turn […]

The network commands chapter explains various tools which can be useful when networking with other computers both within the network and accross the internet, obtaining more information about other computers. This chapter also includes information on tools for network configuration, file transfer and working with remote machines.   netstat Displays contents of /proc/net files. It […]

Command Description a2p Creates a Perl script from an awk script. alias Create a name for another command or long command string. ac Prints statistics about users’ connect time. ar Maintain portable archive or library. arch Display the architecture of the current host. as An assembler. at Command scheduler. awk Awk script processing program. basename […]