Most conversations sort of drift along; in business, this is wasteful; as a manager, you seek communication rather than chatter. To ensure an efficient and effective conversation, there are three considerations: you must make your message understood you must receive/understand the intended message sent to you you should exert some control over the flow of […]

“Sex, romance, thrills, burlesque, satire, bass … most enjoyable”. “Here is everything one expects from this author but thricefold and three times as entertaining as anything he has written before”. “A wonderful tissue of outrageous coincidences and correspondences, teasing elevations of suspense and delayed climaxes”. (reviews of Small World by David Lodge) This has nothing […]

Quality has become the philosophers’ stone of management practice with consultants and gurus vying to charm lead-laden corporations into gold-winning champions. Stories abound of base companies with morose workers and mounting debts being transformed into happy teams and healthy profits; never a day goes by without a significant improvement, a pounds-saving suggestion or a quantum […]