article from  The concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) was developed by an American, W. Edwards Deming, after World War II for improving the production quality of goods and services. The concept was not taken seriously by Americans until the Japanese, who adopted it in 1950 to resurrect their postwar business and industry, used […]

Google, now a household name associated with ‘web search’, remains the top search engine on the internet followed by a distant second, Yahoo. The word ‘google’ is so popular that it even enjoys a place in the Merriam Webster dictionary meaning “to use the Google search engine to retrieve information on the internet.” Read more […]

This is exciting news for people who use Flickr for storing photographs on the web but prefer Windows Live Photo Gallery on the desktop for managing their picture and video collection offline. Microsoft today released a  new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery that lets you send pictures to Flickr directly from the desktop using […]