Oct 2007


We joined together, the day she mate,

Moving along the highway street

Tired and exhausted we held our way,

Preferring to stay and rest for ever.

The food came by, so did the water,

Shelter was free, none to question ??

Swimming abode the refreshing pool

We slept on red, cosy and calm.

At times we heard the sudden thud,

Pulling me away to another side

Cursing the reasons a million times,

I laid my back to another rest.

Landslides and waterfalls around my world,

Distracting my life with dreadful pains

Clinging onto myself on that eventful rope,

I held on still and hoped for peace.

Added on with flesh, bones and torso,

I learned to live in hurricanes and snow

Warm and humid the world shrunk small

While I grew up slow, edible and fresh.

I kicked her once and many times again

To leave me free or perhaps to say,

“Do you with heart keep yening for me,

Awaiting to break this slimy shell”.

Thinking of death my mind did quiver,

Kicking again, the trembling shiver

I lived in here and grew so big

Familiar are those, the forgotten days.

One day they hooked a massive fork

Killing me here and into the death

How bad I need the days I lived

So easy and free, the days I lived.

Kavitha by : Mahesh
Email : maheshknair@mailcity.com

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